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We ensure that each structure is handled properly and with care.

To homeowners, a roof replacement isn’t just about installation, it’s about ensuring their property stays in good condition. That’s why they seek a restoration expert who respects their home and understands the process. At ProCraft, we don’t simply offer roofing services as a commodity. We prioritize quality, experience, and trust over low prices. Our customers trust us to deliver a professional and trustworthy experience that restores their property to its prior condition.


ProCraft Roofing understands the importance of an experienced contractor with a process focused on delivering an excellent customer experience. We specialize in restoring damaged or deteriorated property and strive to provide a modern customer experience that benchmarks against the best in any industry. Our hallmarks include personalization, convenience, accuracy, clarity, communication, helpfulness, and friendly service. Trust us for quality craftsmanship and lasting peace of mind.


To ensure a high-quality roof restoration, it’s not enough to simply have access to the best materials and installers. The mindset, approach, and process of a company must be considered. ProCraft Roofing goes beyond seeing a project as a repair or replacement, instead delivering a restoration that carefully considers the property’s existing condition. Unlike other companies that focus on new installations, we prioritize minimizing damage to the rest of the building during the messy re-roofing process. Our impactful roofing restoration process guarantees high-quality results and lasting peace of mind.


Our mission at ProCraft Roofing is to provide lasting peace of mind by helping people with their roofing needs. Trust is key, and we strive to be the best choice by delivering on our promises and setting clear expectations. We understand that past experiences may make clients hesitant to trust construction companies, but we aim to restore that trust by providing a hassle-free process and reliable results. With over 10 years of experience and thousands of successful projects, we have the expertise to take care of your insurance claim and roofing needs. Let us take the headache out of your next roofing project and give you back your free time!

Reasons You want to work with proCraft Roofing

ProCraft Roofing is not your typical roofing company. We don’t just focus on the task of installing new roofing materials; we are in the business of restoration.

Other companies may only judge themselves based on their ability to install a new roof, disregarding the collateral damage caused by the removal and reinstallation process. We prioritize delivering quality craftsmanship and restoring peace of mind to our customers before, during, and after the project.


Home and business owners don’t just want a new roof, they want the assurance that their property will remain in good condition and their roof will function reliably.

Proper Process

At ProCraft Roofing, we believe that a proper roofing process is more than just installing new materials on a structure.

Our Clients Satisfaction

We are dedicated to providing a positive customer experience that exceeds expectations.

Our pursuit of excellence in service stems from our commitment to a proper process and conscientious problem-solving.

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ProCraft Roofing was started with the idea that shopping for home services should be as predictable, reliable and straightforward as shopping online and the service experience should be similar to the transparent, timely, clear expectations and customer first experience you love about your favorite restaurant or hotel.

Everything we do, we believe should be done properly and we exist to help people restore their damaged or deteriorated property for lasting peace of mind. We are your roofing and insurance claims specialist and when warranted we can also act as a general contractor to complete roofing, gutters, windows, and paint restoration as part of your insurance claim.

We achieve this by approaching every project with a restoration mindset. We don’t just repair or replace, we carefully consider how to best return your property to its prior good condition. We attend to you and your property with respect and hope to earn your trust through the quality of our work and a better service experience.

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